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We don’t just maintain your website.
We give you the tools and the knowledge to GROW your business!

WordPress Maintenance

Let a WordPress professional maintain and protect your website.

It’s important that your website be maintained on a regular basis. Websites require regular updates, security checks, performance optimization, and regular troubleshooting. So if you have invested in a WordPress website, why not let us look after your investment We have installed and updated countless WordPress Websites and we know WordPress inside and out.

You have a business to manage and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your site running smoothly. By hiring us to help you maintain your website, the chances of your site being down or needing major repairs are greatly reduced.

Why does my website need to be maintained?

WordPress is constantly evolving and because of this your website files, theme and plugins need to be updated to keep up. If they’re not updated, it can cause visual and functional errors on your site. Hacking attempts are frequent with any website and outdated software is an easy open door for hackers. If your site is compromised it can adversely affect your business.

Most website owners don’t check their website on a regular basis as they either don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it. Missed issues and unnoticed downtime can lead to the loss of business as your potential customers will go elsewhere.

If your website is running slow, it can potentially lower sales, reduce your search engine rankings and even lose customers/visitors. Outdated or unsupported plugins can play a big role in hindering your website’s performance.

Monthly Maintenance

Our Client Plans Feature the Following:


Maintenance & Reports

We offer dedicated support for your WordPress website. It includes a monthly report with details of the following:

  • Website Backups
  • Update WordPress & plugins
  • Security & Performance Scans
  • Clean up Spam and Revisions
  • Optimize Database

Training & Consulting

Our Strategy Calls (included in the Web Elite Plan) are great for talking strategy, live editing, training and brainstorming. We do not include the calls in our Pro plan but you can use your minutes for a call if you would like.

We send a Monthly Newsletter that includes useful articles on all subjects to do with your website and online business.


Support Time

All of our plans include Support Time. You can use your time for a variety of needs:

  • Content updates
  • Design changes
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Tutorial creation

add On: Social Media Management Package
(+$350 monthly – save $150 a month)

If you need assistance managing your Social Media posts, we offer a monthly add-on package exclusively for our Client Plan users.

From the content that you send us, we will create 8 social media posts to post both on your Facebook Page and Twitter. That’s one month of content! We will supply all stock images required and create any graphics required. You will also receive a social media dashboard and monthly report to show engagement and plan strategy.

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add On: Search Engine Optimisation Package
(+$450 monthly – save $150 a month)

If you want to improve your ranking in Google for certain keywords, we offer a monthly add-on package exclusively for our Client Plan customers. After we have run a detailed analysis of your website, your competitors and the keywords relevant to your business, we will start working to get your ranked for up to 15 keywords. You will receive a monthly report on the progress of your keywords, both local and general. We will make content changes and additions to your to facilitate better ranking. We will also schedule a quarterly strategy session dedicated to SEO.

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Your Investment

(We reserve the right to add value to any plan at any time!)

*Prices are in CDN $ and subject to change at any time.

Has it been a while?
Then you probably need a boost!

Have you been neglecting your website? Then request our one-off Website Boost. We will perform a full site performance and security audit plus 2 hours of fixes and updates to address any arising issues.

Perfect to get your neglected website up and running at it’s best again. Includes a list of suggestions for site improvements.

$350.00 one time fee.

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Site designed by someone else?
Not a problem!

If you’re not a current MMWD client you’ll need to get the Website Evaluation done prior to signing up for a Client Plan. We will analyse your site, determine what needs to be done to get the site up to snuff!  We’ll go through your site and make suggestions for improvement including visual, functional and content changes. You’ll then get 4 hours worth of our support time to make those changes. We’ll prioritise security and functional issues to ensure your site will be current, secure and ready to lift off!

If your site doesn’t need too much updating we’ll use the time to implement some of the other changes you want to go ahead with.

$650.00 one time fee.

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Our Client Plans are designed to be preventative, so we do our best to not let this happen. However, sometimes stuff happens! In that event, we will be there for you, helping to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. We can not guarantee that your site will not be hacked but we will do all that we can to restore your site as soon as we are able to minimise any impact on your business, as well as assist in the restoration of your website with one of our backups.

Your website’s performance, including load time, downtime and uptime, is dependent on your website software functioning correctly on the most recent version. We ensure your website is updated and if we notice problems or conflicts that arise from this, we will usually have the problem fixed before you’ve even noticed. We send you a monthly maintenance report that includes details of the updates that were made, your analytics and your uptime.

We’re also here when you need assistance, instructions and changes.

Our Client Plans include most plugin licences for the duration of the time you are on a Client Plan. If you decide to terminate your Client Plan then you will need to purchase your own licences for any themes or premium plugins used. There are some exceptions such as some WooCommerce plugins. You will be advised if you need to maintain your own licences.

Well let’s be honest, the chances are if you have a problem it’s because you’ve neglected your website in the first place. Or you tried to do something yourself and well, you broke it!

You could continue to try and fix it, taking your time and probably making it way worse or you could get help from the professionals.

Think of your website like your car – it costs less to maintain than to fix when something goes wrong! Website maintenance is just like those regular oil changes you get for your car.

Payment can be made using any major debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Payments will be automatically deducted on the monthly/quarterly/annual anniversary of signing up. PayPal is also accepted.

The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases. From there, you’ll be notified of the issue. The majority of issues are addressed free of charge, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. We will notify you before charging anything to your account.

The plugin is still monitored for issues as before. If it causes no issues it remains on the site. We frequently encounter plugins with a variety of issues; in such cases, the customer is notified of better (and up-to-date) alternatives.

We will run standard updates once per month. If there is an important update to prevent security issues, we will address those right away. We often wait a week or two before implementing major updates so that all the bugs get ironed out first.

The most common requests are content updates (new images, update hours, etc.) and small design tweaks, however, we are happy to do anything if the time allows. We can create a quick tutorial for you if you want to learn how to do something yourself and save your time for more complex issues.
Please note that ‘new feature’ requests will usually result in a project quote being sent as they tend to take longer than the monthly time slots allow.

No we do not. Our support hours are currently 9AM – 5PM EST, Monday through Friday. We have a dedicated support desk for our clients on plans and they receive priority care.

You are free to cancel at any time. No contracts. However, we do not offer refunds for contracts cancelled part way through their term.

Please just request cancellation via email and we will stop the next payment. We’ll be sorry to see you go though and will welcome you back at any time in the future. Your business is important to us!

These consulting calls are reserved for our Elite clients. Those that are really interested in growing their online business. We will schedule a suitable time and meet up via Zoom or Skype (or even just telephone). You can use this time for coaching, training or general marketing strategy advice.

Unfortunately not. Your support time must be used every month or you will forfeit your support time for that month. We advise making regular updates to your site and suggest you add images or testimonials if you have no other changes.

Support Time purchased as a special offer does roll over and is accounted for separately.

If you have a task that requires more time than you have allotted we will gladly provide you with a project quote that you can approve outside of your client plan. However, often we will assess the situation as it happens and with your approval work past your allotted time and bill you for any overages at the rate specified for your plan ($150 – $125 per hour). We also offer special offer ‘top up’ packs from time to time to our email subscribers so make sure you are on our list.

Yes we can. We will take a look and see whats wrong and do our best to give you an approximate estimate as to what needs to be done and how long it will take to fix it.

Our plans are designed for our clients but we welcome businesses that want to establish a long term relationship with us as their professional and dedicated webmaster (or diva!)

We would first perform a Website Evaluation to see the state of your website. This will highlight any issues that arise. We will then make a list of fixes and suggestions for improvement in order to proceed with the website on a monthly client plan. We will action any minor fixes for your site. Any major issues will be presented to you along with a project quote to resolve them. The Website Evaluation is a fixed fee and usually takes 4 hours.

We generally find that you know your business better than most so we do rely on you to provide us with the content. It can be a link to another post, your latest news, an interesting article relevant to your business or a YouTube video. We will extract information to create the posts and schedule them for you. (We will provide stock photography, SEO meta information and handle video creation for marketing videos).

If you require us to write content for you (We get it! Writings not your thing!) we offer a Content Creation service as another add-on.

Well firstly, we built most of the sites that we maintain. They’re like our babies – we want to see them looked after.

We also have years of experience and can usually fix things much quicker (and actually fix them) than if you try to do it yourself. By hiring us you’ll save yourself the stress of worrying about the upkeep of your website. You’ll also reduce the chance of lost potential leads and sales due to website issues and downtime. Spend your time growing your business and leave the tech problems to us – we like them!

Our Web Pro and Elite Plans do include our own web hosting. They do not include domain registration although we would be happy to do that for you for an extra charge.

We don’t insist that you use our hosting so you are free to set up your own as long as it is suitable to host a WordPress website. However, the price does not decrease if you use your own hosting. We recommend Siteground hosting.

We are also more than happy to set up hosting for you.

Absolutely you can! Please just email us and we will set you up with a new plan. (This usually means we cancel your old plan and send you the link to approve the new plan – but there will be no interruption in your service).