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The One Touch Method – The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Many moons ago, back when I was a fresh faced chemistry graduate starting my first job, I got an invaluable tip that has served me...

Why your website needs to be secured with HTTPS (SSL) & what to do about it!

[If you'd rather listen to the podcast version - you can do so here >>] When Google talks - we listen! We have to. No...

6 Skills Every Woman Should Learn (And Use)

As women strive (and struggle) to break the glass ceiling in many areas of work and life we need to recognise that we have issues!...

How to create your own Link Tree for Instagram

I love Instagram! It's fun as people post their best images, videos and stories It's also one of the best social media platforms for engaging...

GDPR for North American Small Businesses

What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it is a new European regulation coming into effect on May 25th, 2018. It...

Do You Walk Alone?

I'm a scientist originally, with a degree in Applied Chemistry! So obviously Albert Einstein is a bit of a hero for me - he was...

35 Things to Blog About: How To Beat Writer’s Block!

You’ve set up your blog and identified your niche and now it’s time to start writing. But you need some ideas for things to blog...

Updating WordPress and Updating WordPress Plugins

More and more people are reporting that their blogs have been hacked. To keep your blog secure you need to know about updating WordPress and...

6 Steps To Successful Keyword Research – Download your free guide!

There’s no escaping it, Keyword Research is a vitally important aspect of your search engine optimization program. To have a successful online business you need to drive...

Case Study – db silversmith designs

We're pleased to launch our second site of the week - the newly revamped eCommerce store for db silversmith designs! Diane Smith, the owner of...

Case Study – a work of art!

We're very happy to launch our latest site for our client Tyler Briley Sculpture! This site has been a labour of love for both Maple...

Is it time for a website redesign?

Before you go jumping in with both feet and start looking for a web designer to redesign your site you would do well to question...

Content Creation Woes…

Do you ever have days when you wonder why you do what you do? I just saw this cartoon by The Oatmeal, one of my...

What’s Your Expertise? – Know It – Own It – Sell It!

There’s an old saying that says to be considered an expert you only need to know one more thing than the average person. In other...

a Penny For Your Thoughts? Seriously! They are Worth Way More!

How To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain Have you experienced the brain picker yet? You know, the well meaning friend...

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Lorraine McNulty