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about Maple Moon

We do things a little differently here at Maple Moon. We're a little bit nerdy but definitely not geeky (who has time to decipher all that tech talk?) We'll keep everything easy and straightforward for you but that doesn't mean we cut corners. Oh, not at all...

Our websites are all party at the front and business at the back!

Coupled with our recommended marketing plan, your website and business will turn into a 'marketing machine'!

We are an experienced web consultancy, celebrating our 26th year in business, dedicated to getting and growing your business online.

From a fully responsive website to a complete digital marketing plan (sales funnel, lead pages, email marketing campaigns, etc)– we will develop a strategy that gets trackable results for you!

We are certified in SEO, eCommerce, WordPress, Lead Generation and Google Analytics

Imagine if growing your business online was a painless, easy process for you, didn't take up your valuable time and especially didn't add to your general overwhelm. Getting an effective website and associated marketing plan shouldn't add to your business woes - it should alleviate them!

After 25 years online, I'm more of a solution provider than just a website designer, after all anyone can build a pretty website on Wix or GoDaddy, can't they? Everyone has that friend of a friend's cousin who does websites on the side!

Anyone can chuck paint on a canvas but that doesn't make them a Picasso!

We're about more than the pretty! We want you to have a professional website that works tirelessly for you as your online salesperson, grabbing leads, promoting your business,  selling your products or services and integrating with all your business tools. We want it to work effectively for you on all desktops, phones and tablets and we want to make sure it's safe and secure for you and your customers.

Let's face it, anyone can chuck paint on a canvas but that doesn't make them a Picasso!

award Winning

Winners of the Readers’ Choice ‘Best Website Design Company’ Award for the last fourteen years.

Family Run Business

We don’t just develop websites – we develop relationships – make us part of your team.

Problem Solvers

We have 26+ years of experience helping businesses market themselves online and are constantly updating our skills.

Customer Support

Clients have access to our comprehensive tutorial library and dedicated support system.

Our Story

Maple Moon & Founder Lorraine McNulty

Maple Moon Web Design Inc. is owned and run by me, Lorraine McNulty. I moved from England with my family to Port Perry, Ontario in July 2004. I've been developing websites since 1992, yes really that long!

I have a background in science with an Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Portsmouth in the UK. So not your typical web design background, well let's face it in 1992 the internet was a baby in diapers! My career started with R&D laboratory roles in the Pharmaceutical & Water Treatment industries. and then I moved into Technical Sales & Support for a major analytical instrument manufacturer. After that, I took on the role of Recruitment Consultant in the Scientific Industry prior to starting my own Web Design company in 1992.  I'm a scientist at heart and science got me into web design and I'm happy that it did. My brain is wired to find solutions for problems and that's a great skill to have when working with small businesses.

I've been told I have a knack for explaining things in non-geek talk. I'm not sure about that but we've all experienced that tech person that's tried to waffle on in what seems like a foreign language and it only goes to make us feel overwhelmed and out of our depth. (There's a reason the expression 'mansplain' came about - sorry gentlemen - I know you're not all guilty! ) If needed, I'll hold your hand as much as you need it through our process, but if you want to learn, I'll teach you too! If you just want it done-for-you rather than done-with-you then we've got that covered too!

I've worked with many small businesses and entrepreneurs in the last 27 years and helped them grow their businesses as a result of having a great looking website that works for them and by 'works' I mean makes them money.

I'm proud to say as Maple Moon Web Design Inc we've won the Readers Choice Award for Best Web Design Company for the last 14 years here locally but we work with companies all over the world.

Just a few of my 'Moonie' alter egos! You don't have to be different to work with us but it helps!

But more about me...

In my spare time, I play the saxophone and hockey in the local ladies’ league (obviously not at the same time!). I'm slightly better with the sax than the hockey (I'm an ex-pat Brit remember, not born on skates like most of Canadians) I also compete in a Dragon Boat Festival every year to raise funds for breast cancer research.

I'm married and we have two sons who are both avid golfers and who both play competitive golf at a national and international level. My youngest son is currently studying in the USA on a golf scholarship and playing NCAA Division 1 golf whilst my eldest has just graduated with a Communications Major and is about to embark on a career as a Professional Golfer. I couldn't be prouder of them!

My husband has over 30 years experience as a software developer, consultant and business analyst. And yes I am the boss of him!

No chaos, no creation.
Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime.

~Mason Cooley

You bring the chaos and we'll help you create!

As you can see this isn't the usual setup for a web design and marketing company but it works for us and our clients. Our extensive range of experience has served our clients well for over 25 years but we do like to do things a little differently here - we like to have fun and a sense of humo(u)r is useful for us to work together. That and probably the love of a good glass of wine or a snifter of great Single Malt! Here at Maple Moon, we have long-term relationships with lots of our clients and love to work closely with them in their businesses.

If that sounds like you, then we'd love to hear from you!

Meet Moonie

You'll see Moonies dotted throughout the website - in case you're wondering, we aren't professing there are lots of little green men running around helping us build websites and awesome marketing plans - but WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL! (I told you we were nerds!)

We just think Moonies are cool - If you'd like to learn more about Digital Marketing & Website Design for Small Businesses feel free to join our FaceBook Group.

Maple Moonies

Why Maple Moon?

Maple Moon Web Design Port PerryLiving on the shores of Lake Scugog we get spectacular sunrises and moon rises. It just so happened that one night whilst trying to decide on a name for the new Canadian company the moon rose majestically over Lake Scugog. It had an eerie maple colour to it and the rest, as they say, is history!
“Maple Moon” is what the Ojibwa called the magic time in early spring from mid-March to mid-April when, depending on weather conditions, the mighty maple trees gave up their sweet elixir.

An Iroquois legend tells of piercing the bark of a maple tree and using the sweet water which emerged to cook venison. As a result, that accident is said to have established the culinary tradition of maple-cured meats. Natives passed on to the first settlers the skill of tapping trees to obtain sap, and of boiling it to reduce it to sweet syrup or sugar slabs, which could be stored for later use.

The settlers liked the tradition and results so much they passed it on down the line with the ultimate result that, with refinements, “sugaring off” remains an Eastern Ontario rural rite of passage from winter into spring.

Lorraine McNulty

Lorraine McNulty

Head Web Diva, The Boss, Wine Connoisseur, Hockey-player
Derek McNulty

Derek McNulty

Business Analyst, Project Manager, Sports Junkie
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