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Blog Bullies! How To Deal With The Haters!

blog bullies

It amazes me sometimes just how many jerks there are online!

You work hard to build your blog, fanpage or YouTube channel and offer your content to the world – whatever the topic…

But there are always those people (you know the ones) that think it is perfectly acceptable to hide behind their computers and say nasty things on your blog or in emails!

How would you describe people like that…

Rude, Nasty, Trolls, Spiteful, Vicious, Flamers, Meanies, Unkind, Bitchy, Not Very Nice, Jerks, Bastards!

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10 Ways To Get More Eyeballs On Your Blog (Infographic)

10 Ways to get more eyeballs on your blog

If you’re a new blogger (and also a blogger with a budget!) you will know how important it is to get eyes on your posts without breaking the bank. We don’t all have huge marketing budgets for Pay Per Click campaigns or paid adverts.

So how can you get some QUALITY free traffic to your blog?

I created this infographic to summarise 10 ways to get more eyeballs on your blog!

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Why you should avoid using your MLM replicated website?

Why you should avoid using your MLM replicated website?

So you’ve decided to try your hand at network marketing!

Good idea – it’s a great business model and there are a lot of excellent opportunities out there.

You sign up and the first thing they offer you is your OWN website. Find out why you should avoid using your MLM replicated website at all costs!

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5 Motivational reasons to start blogging – what’s your reason?

Why should I blog?

It’s a common question people ask all the time, why should I blog? What’s the point? What’s in it for me? What if I don’t know what to write about? Why should I take the time and make the commitment to firstly set up a blog and then fill it with interesting articles that people will want to read? Why should I blog?

Well people blog for all sorts of reasons. There are those who make money from blogging – a lot of money!

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