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How to tell if that blog comment is spam in two minutes or less!

No More Spam!

You log into your Dashboard and you see you have a new comment and it isn’t marked as spam. Yeah!! But is it really a genuine comment? Watch this video to find out how to tell if that blog comment is spam in two minutes or less!

Even with Akismet Anti-spam plug-in ( installed you will find you have spam comments that get past and get left on your blog. The last thing you want to do is to allow these to appear on your blog posts. You should always have your comments set to moderate. You can do this in the Settings>>Discussion>>Before a comment appears – set this to ‘An administrator must always approve the settings’

If you then see a post ‘pending’ you can easily check it is spam by copying the main part of the comment and posting it in a Google Search box. If you see that same comment appearing in numerous search replies – you can safely assume it is a spam post and delete it from your blog.

Comments are essential to your website so don’t let the good ones get lost in the spam. Learn how to tell if that blog comment is spam!






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