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WordPress plugins to avoid

There are definitely some WordPress plugins to avoid! WordPress is a constantly evolving platform and has many plugins developed for use with it. Unfortunately, not...

Get an avatar and stand out from the crowd!

Are you faceless? No Avatar? Do you read the comments on people's blogs? Have you noticed how many anonymous posters there are out there? Does...

Are you talking to me? How to get your blog comment published!

One of the best ways to get some inbound links (and that much needed free traffic) to your blog is by commenting on another blog....

Why doing it with a buddy is better than going it alone!

The life of a solo entrepreneur can be a lonely one at times - even more so if you work in the online world. We...

What is a pingback?

What is a pingback? Pingback is a method for web/blog authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their posts. Typically, web publishing...

How to tell if that blog comment is spam in two minutes or less!

You log into your Dashboard and you see you have a new comment and it isn't marked as spam. Yeah!! But is it really a...

How to set up Filezilla FTP with GoDaddy hosting

You may have your blog or website hosted with GoDaddy but their File Manager can be a little tricky to use. A much better method...

How important is it to have a keyword rich domain rather than branded?

One of the main questions I am asked as a web designer is should I go with a keyword rich domain name or a branded...